Sunday, 10 December 2017

Fattoxxon Mamadaliyev - The last great master of the Maqom of the Ferghana Valley - MP3-CD from Uzbekistan

Fattoxxon Mamadaliyev (Fatahkhon Mamadaliev, Fattohxon Mamadaliev, Fattohhon Mamadaliyev, Фаттоххон Мамадалиев) was the last great, complete master of the Maqom of the Ferghana Valley. I think he was a disciple of the great Orifxon Xatamov. See our posts from 2012 and 2015
In 2011 we posted already a cassette by Fattoxxon Mamadaliyev
On the CD "Traditions Orales d'Ouzbekistan - Oral Traditions of Uzbekistan", released 1997 by the French label Playasound, was one solo track by him and two tracks accompanying one of his students on Tanbur. On the CD accompanying the book "Musiques d'Asie Centrale - L'Esprit d'une Tradition" by Jean During is one track by him. These seem to be the only recordings published in the West. The book is an excellent introduction to the music of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. 

Here we present a MP3-CD by the great master. The CD contains two folders: one by Fattoxxon Mamadaliyev with 39 tracks and another one by Inomjon Mamadaliyev, probably a son of Fattoxxon Mamadaliyev, with 16 tracks. One can see here very clearly the difference between the old generation and the new one. Only very few musicians keep today the traditional music, especially the small traditional ensemble with its perfect balance and very retained minimalism (a perfect example is the exceptional Munajat Yulchieva). The old singers had a great and very subtle art to build up culmination points. Their music was like an unlimited ocean alternating constantly between high tide and low tide, constantly building up new culminations. That is the reason why this format of MP3-CDs of many hours length is the perfect format for this music: the longer one listens to this music the more one gets into it and the more difficult it becomes to leave this universe of beauty and depth. 
I include here the folder by the son just for comparison. It is still good music, but compared to Fattoxxon Mamadaliyev it completely fades and lacks the fathers greatness.
My dear friend Danny brought this CD years ago from a trip to Uzbekistan. Many thanks to him for sharing so generously.


MusicRepublic said...

Dear Tawfiq,
I would like to express my deepest gratitude for all your efforts to share all this beautiful music at risk of being lost or forgotten. Particularly your Indian and Iranian posts. Special request: kindly post more hard-to-find recordings of sarangi master Bundoo khan (I heard recordings a while back which continue to haunt me).

I also take the opportunity to invite you to my new traditional music blog:


Tawfiq said...

Great blog. Congratulations. I put you on my blog list.
I don't have any other commercial recordings by Bundu Khan, also no other radio broadcasts, except for a collection of old 78rpm Sarangi records with 6 tracks by Bundu Khan. I will post them in the future, but first I need some clarification regarding the tracks. There seems to be some confusion regarding artists and Ragas.
Also warm greetings

Guillermo said...

Thank you one more time... : )

Unknown said...

Thank you!
I am studying the music of the region and it is so hard to find good examples.
Much appreciated.

Tawfiq said...

I don't know what happened to the link and don't have the time to look in to it. The new post should contain the tracks from the cassette, as it is sort of complete works.

Guillermo said...
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Guillermo said...
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Guillermo said...

I will try a third time and talk about it to my psychoanalyst:

"Hell! You were right! The more you listen to it, I mean the deeper you go through these four hours, the better it sounds..."

David said...

My favourite, a great singer! I bough this on the web direct from Kazakhstan, well worth the effort to get past all the Kazakh Cyrillic !!

Tawfiq said...

Dear David, nice to hear from you again. Hope you are well. Tawfiq