Thursday, 3 August 2017

Faramarz Payvar (1933-2009) - Santur - Iran - Arabesques No. 10 - LP published in France in 1974

Faramarz Payvar was a very famous, brilliant Santur player of classical Iranian Dastgah music. He has releases on LP, cassette and numerous CDs, almost all published in Iran. His CDs can be obtained, as always, from
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Sergej said...

Thank you very much for this rare music. It's always a pleasure to come on your blog. Salutes from Slovenia. This is my gift for you.
Have a nice day

Wilder Advance said...

This sounds good. But, I wonder if you are transferring at the correct speed. Look at the times indicated on the record label for the length of each track, then look at the length of the flac tracks you have made.

Side A should be 21:30 total but the FLAC is 20:51
Side B should be 19:10 total but the FLAC is 18:45

This does not diminish my enjoyment of this music in anyway or my gratitude for your generosity in sharing it. Not being familiar with this music, it sounds perfect to me. I am just noting this for your information as you might consider a technical adjustment in the future.

Thank you, sir. I am grateful.

Tawfiq said...

I played the LP on a Thorens player which are known for their quality. The difference in length is probably due how much silence before the start of the music and after the last sound is counted. I cut the silence probably earlier then the producers of the LP.