Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Yunus Hussain Khan (1927-1991) - Doyen of Agra Gharana - In Concert - Double Cassette published in India in 1992

After the two double CDs by the great Vilayat Hussain Khan here a double cassette by his son.

"Born on November 15th 1927 at Agra, Yunus Hussain Khan, the eleventh direct descendent of the Agra gharana, received intensive training from an early age from his illustrious father the late Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan. He also studied under other great masters like the Late Ustad Faiyaz Khan and his maternal uncle, Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan of Atrauli. His innate talent for music coupled with the rigorous training he received gave him full command over the great heritage of the Agra Gharana.
Possessed with a rich voice and superb musicianship, he sang the Agra gayakee in his own individual style: varied in music, rich in ideas and full of colour. He was prominent in the Hindustani Musical scene for more than five decades and gave numerous recitals both in India and abroad.
Khan Saheb was not only a sensitive vocalist but also noted for his versatility as an erudite scholar, gifted composer and teacher of music. He was a Professor of Music at University of Delhi, Viswa Bharti University of Shantiniketan and was also a guru at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy at Kolkata. During 1985-86, he taught at the University of Washington in the Ethnomusicology Programme and also gave lectures and demonstrations in the University of British Culombia, Canada. During his association with Delhi University, he was Director, Composer and Conductor of Sargam Choir, Delhi Youth Choral Group and his own Darpan Choir.
Associated with the All India Radio between 1962 and 1964 as Music Composer, he was a composer of distinction, and has left as a legacy, a valuable collection of his compositions under the nom-de-plume “Darpan” and several ragas, like Sujani malhar, Devyani, Nat Deepak, Husaini Bhairav, Nohar Todi, Ahiri Bihag, Lalita Sohini, Jogwanti etc. 
As a musicologist, he had to his credit many articles, books and papers on music. He has been recorded by Sangeet Natak Akademi and Unesco and has featured on European documentary films.
Yunus Hussain Khan died of a heart attack on September 29,1991, in New Delhi."
From: http://www.itcsra.org/sra_story/sra_story_guru/sra_story_guru_links/sra_story_guru_shiyshyaguru/popup/yunus_hussain_khan.htm

There exists also a beautiful double CD by him. It can be obtained from: info@raga-maqam-dastgah.com

Yunus Hussain Khan (1927-1991) (Vocal) & Ramzan Khan (Sarangi) & Hidayat Khan/Zamir Ahmed (Tabla) - Darpan - Khyal, Classical Vocal Music of North India, 2 CD-Set, CD 1:  Raga Bihag: Vilambit (24:32) & Drut (10:25), Raga Chandini Kedar: Vilambit (27:19) & Drut (9:21), CD 2: Raga Rageshri: Vilambit (31:22), Drut (7:38), Tarana (10:14) & Hori Dhamar (10:10), Raga Lalita Sohini (12:34), PAN RECORDS, 4006/07 KCD
„Items selected from live concert recordings made in August 1973 in Amsterdam, when vocalist Yunus Husain Khan (†1991) made his European debut. This registration has become a historical document. Besides a gifted singer Yunus Husain Khan also was a composer of rare distinction. Under the nom de plume ‘Darpan’ he has composed numerous bandishes in various ragas. Today his compositions in well-known ragas are sung all over India. Digipack with 12-p. booklet.”


Casimiro said...

Thanks a lot Tawfiq, I really enjoy this recording.

Richard said...

I wanted to wait until I had a chance to listen to this full set before commenting. This was just simply lovely music. Yunus sounds quite bit like his father.

T-Series has at best an extremely uneven catalog, but their "immortal series" has a lot of gems, usually at a great price. Apparently at least one person at that company had some taste...

Thank you for another top-notch post!

Valentin MH said...

A great rendition on raag Sujani Malhar of him published on "An Anthology of World Music - North Indian Classical Music - vol 1", 1998