Saturday, 11 July 2015

Sharafat Hussain Khan (1930-1985) - 30th anniversary of his death - Part II - Raga Todi & Raga Rageshri

Here two other beautiful recordings by the great master. On the first CD we have a wonderful demonstration of his mastery over the Dhrupad format including a long Alap. Sharafat Hussain Khan was the last great singer of the Agra Gharana who reguarly performed long Alaps.

Sharafat Hussain Khan - CD 1 - Todi & covers:

Sharafat Hussain Khan - CD 2 - Rageshri:

Many thanks to KF for editing these recordings and creating the beautiful cover.

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David Seijo said...

Many thanks tawfiq. You are doing a great work.