Friday, 1 May 2015

Gharanon Ki Gaiki - Vol. 17 - Umrao Bundoo Khan - Delhi Gharana

Ustad Umrao Bundoo Khan was the son of the great Ustad Bundoo (Bundu) Khan, one of the greatest Sarangi masters of the 20th century. See our posts here. Umrao Bundoo Khan was both a singer and a Sarangi player.


Kiran said...

Beautiful and very rare! Thanks for sharing. I have another EMI Pakistan album from Ustad Umrao saheb's vocal (Ahir Bhairav, Desi Todi, Piloo, Bhairavi, Kafi, Ramkali Bahar) recorded in 1976. Let me know if you would like me to share with you?

- K

Tawfiq said...

Dear Kiran, thank you for the offer. I have the recording. It is from EMI Pakistan cassette EMCPM 5032. It exists also as a commercial download, for example on Amazon. These EMI Pakistan downloads are very good as they seem to be directly from the master tapes, though in mp3 format.
But the Ramkali Bahar is not on this cassette. If it is a longer piece I would be very interested. Thanks in advance.

Kiran said...

Ah good, thanks for the info!
The Ramkali Bahar is short - only 3:11 mins long/ Its a bonus track and not part of the album.