Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Mahapurush Misra (1932-1987) - Rythmes de l'Inde - French edition of an LP originally published in 1966 in the US

Originally published in 1966 in the US as "Indian Drums" by Connoisseur Society, CS 1466.
With Lahara on Sarod by Ali Akbar Khan.

Unfortunately we only recently noted that the pickup needle was hanging for a moment at one or two spots in the last track. By putting a small weight on the pickup we could get beyond this. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Here the corrected files:

“Pandit Mahapurush Mishra (1932-1987) was a disciple of Pandit Anokhelal Mishra, a revered master of Tabla. Mahapurush was a famous Tabla accompanist to many topmost musicians and a professor at the Ali Akbar College of Music in Calcutta (now Kolkata). He spent most of his time during the late 1960s in USA teaching, recording, and appearing widely in numerous classical music concerts. There are far too few of his Tabla solos in circulation. However, this solo album of Pandit Mahapurush Mishra, a very rare-of-its-kind, is an invariably spectacular display of his virtuosity and musicality, which he is renowned for.
Longtime Tabla master, sideman to the stars, and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan’s main accompanist throughout the better part of three decades until his death, Pandit Mahapurush Mishra has also appeared on the Beatles b-side of Lady Madonna, George Harrison’s The Inner Light (recorded in Bombay in January 1968 with the vocal tracks added in London the next month) as well as on Harrison’s Wonderwall soundtrack.”

See here our posts of performances by his guru Pandit Anokhelal Mishra:


Richard said...


Those Connoisseur LPs from the 1960s and 1970s are really gloriously recorded. For a a few years Alam Khan was re-releasing these on CD (with apparently nice transfers) on the AMMP label. However, not all of the original releases saw the light of day.

Thanks again for your sharing of brilliant music!

Richard said...

i appreciate your posting of lossless files.

If the size of the files ever becomes an issue with the hosting service, you can encode the WAV files as FLAC files using commonly available freeware, and the file sizes will be about half the size of the WAV files without any loss of information.

Anonymous said...

As always, thank you for your generosity. One correction if you don't mind:

Mahapurish Mishra accompanied Ustad Ali Akbar Khan for only a few years in the mid 1960s. He was not his main accompanist for anything like the better part of three decades or even one decade. Ali Akbar Khansahib performed and recorded with a variety of tabla accompanists but his main ones were Chatur Lal, then Mahupurish, then Shankar Ghosh, then Zakir Hussein, and then Swapan Choudhury. He also made some early recordings with Shashi Bellare, Kishan Maharaj, and others. Recordings with Mahapurish Mishra were issued in the 1970s but they had all been recorded in the 1960s.

Tawfiq said...

Thank you very much for the clarifications. I had copied the text from the internet, but don't remember anymore from where. I also only know the recrodings from the 1960s on Connoisseur Society, I think over 10 LPs, but some with Shankar Ghosh, like the Shree I had posted here.

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Referat MD said...

Nice blog!

Wilder Advance said...

I just discovered you a few days ago. I have been enjoying what you have to offer and I am truly grateful. The content of this record is wonderful. However, the quality here, unlike other records you are offering, is not good. Something is wrong with the sound. When the volume peaks, there is a serious electronic disruption. I don't know if it is in the original recording, or something that happened in the transfer. I hope you will investigate it, and maybe it is possible to re-transfer it without the sharp instances of static that occurs whenever the volume peaks.

Rony Sarker said...

Thank U very much for posting such an great collection! Please carry on. A humble request to u that, if u have the album "Great Drums Of India by Mahapurush Misra, Ali Akbar Khan" please upload.

Thank u sooooo much.


Tawfiq said...

I don't have that LP. But you can find it somewhere on the internet. Just search on Google.