Friday, 8 August 2014

1er Festival Algérien de la Musique Andalouse 1967 - Vol. 5 - LP published in Algeria

Side A:
1. Fadhila Dziria & l'Orchestre de la Société des Concerts
du Conservatoire d'Alger:
Istikhbar Aarak & Neklab Aarak
2. Mustapha Maher & Maha Djabri 
& l'Orchestre Ommeya de Damas (Syrie):
Wesla Mouwachahats

Side B:
1. L'Orchestre de Tlemcen:
Extraits d'une Nouba du mode Raml
2. Sadek El Bidjaoui &  l'Orchestre de la Société des Concerts
du Conservatoire d'Alger:
Extraits d'une Nouba du mode Sika
3. L'Orchestre El Mossilia d'Alger:
Extraits d'une Nouba du mode Sika

On Sadek El Bidjaoui see our post:


Anonymous said...

Vielen Vielen Dank fuer diese Schaetze


Likedeeler said...

I totally dig your postings with "andalusian-style" music. As everything else in your blog. Thank you for giving these treasures to music lovers. Regards from Berlin, and all the best!

Likedeeler said...

PS I've just encoded the WAV files as FLACs. Which makes a great difference, for the Festival Algérien recordings the compressed files are just about a third of the original WAVs.

If you haven't been aware of and are interested to use FLAC, I recommend "FLAC Frontend" (if you use Windows, but there's en-/decoders for all OSs). You can find them at

Also, FLAC, as opposed to WAV, has an error detection built in, which is useful to prevent corruption going unnoticed.

Likedeeler said...

It occurred to me that if you're not using compression by now, when everything else you do here is just perfect, you've probably got good reasons. Don't take my patronising too seriously ;

Tawfiq said...

I use an older version of WaveLab to create the files. With it one can create wave and mp3 files. So I record the LPs as wave files and convert them then also into mp3 and offer both on my blog. I always thought that one can't make a file better than it's origin. So I thought to make a flac file out of a wave file would make no sense and wouldn't make it better.

Likedeeler said...

I love Vilayat Khan's WDR concert!

Ah, ok. Well, it makes it smaller. Which is sorta better in some sense, for example when you up- or download or store lossless files. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. I can always convert myself.

Big props for giving those lossless rips, even from cassette tapes! I've learned a lot from your musical taste. And the rips sound rather good, at least as far as the recording permits.

Psikofobi said...