Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Abd es-Sadeq Sheqara (1931-1998) - Musique Andalouse - LP published in 1970s in Morocco

The great master Abd es-Sadeq Sheqara & his Orchestra of Tetuan

Side 1:
Insiraf min Btayhi Gharibat al-Husayn 

Side 2:
Insiraf min Quddam ‘Iraq al-‘Ajam


About the artist see:


Anonymous said...

thank you!!!


hrempe said...

thanks a lot for this upload! as always, quality stuff!

Kader Ismail said...

Thank you very much for the uploads! Could you pls post some more rubab music and also something with zurna? thanks a lot in advance best regards

sotise said...

Marvelous music , and rips thank you!