Friday 2 September 2011

Lalgudi G. Jayaraman & Party - Violin Venu Veena - LP ECSD 2338 (1967) - The Gramophone Company of India

Lalgudi G. Jayaraman - Violin
N. Ramani - Venu
R. Venkataraman - Veena
Umayalpuram Sivaraman & T. K. Murthy - Mridangam

Side 1:
Mohana Rama (Mohanam - Adi) - Part 1 (17:36)

Side 2:
Mohana Rama (Mohanam - Adi) - Part 2 (18:24)


øשlqæda said...

thank you sir. lalgudi reigns supreme in the carnatic fiddle pantheon

Costis Drygianakis said...

Thanks, Tawfik!

Andrew said...

Thanks, Tawfiq. This is extraordinary music which I am absolutely captured by at the moment. Another gleaming gem to add to your incredible musical treasure trove here.

Vishwa said...

this was the first record i heard as a child at my grand father's house where there was a gramphone player in those days manual ,shri lalgudi was a frequent guest at their house whenever there was a concert at vijayawada ,this record keeps ringing in my brain always ,thanks for uploading ,i have been searching for this for a long time in chennai

Venkat Subbu said...

Lalgudi is a true genius and Veena Venu Violin is a shining jewel in music..its appeal is universal..any music lover will fall in love with it..

Unknown said...

i searched this album for 5 years and i finally landed up here.It is beyond my expectations.Thank you tawfiq

Karan Reddy said...

Thank U I am surpised the download link is working!