Saturday, 16 December 2017

Mamat Karimov - Old Masters of Arts of Uzbekistan - Vol. 8 - LP published in Soviet Uzbekistan in 1980

Here another volume of the "Old Masters of Arts of Uzbekistan" series in which older LPs of great masters were reissued. I don't know anything about the singer except that he is the same singer who also goes under the name of Muhammadjon Khoji Karimov. Here the cover of a MP3-CD by him, which we might post one day: 

I guess that he belongs to the tradition of Maqom of the Ferghana Valley. The recordings seem to be well before 1980. His voice is much softer then the very powerful voices of most of the other Maqom singers of those times. Here noteworthy is also the small ensemble with its perfect balance and retained minimalism, so typical of older Uzbek Maqom music.