Sunday, 5 January 2014

Java - Bedoyo Ketawang - LP Galloway - Musique du Monde 7 (1974)


Another very beautiful LP of Gamelan music in this great series. 
For more information about this series and the man who made these recordings see our post: Java - Vocal I

Side 1:
1 - Munggang AgengSurakarta (Kraton)31/08/1973
Udan Padjaten (Kyahi Kandjeng)Kraton Surakarta08'00
2 - Bedoyo Ketawang - Suluk - PatetanSurakarta (Kraton)31/08/1973
Kaduk Manis (Kyahi Kandjeng)Kraton Surakarta11'42

Side 2:
3 - Bedoyo Ketawang AgengSurakarta (Kraton)31/08/1973
Kaduk Manis (Kyahi Kandjeng)Kraton Surakarta17'35
4 - Gending TjolopitoSurakarta (Kraton)31/08/1973
Manis Renggo (Kyahi)Kraton Surakarta03'26


Timmy said...

Another superb posting. Excellent audio, scans & relaxing vibes. THANX!

SOTISE said...

Very Beautiful, as always thanks for the superb fidelity... and this amazing series!

AmbroseBierce said...

Yes, wonderful! Thanks once more!

Lucky said...

like the fine fellows above already wrote - thanks for your great work here, tawfiq! a true labor of love.

Anonymous said...

Surakarta je t'aime.

jeremyhegge said...

wow, thanks for posting all these beautiful javanese and balinese lp's.

Anonymous said...

Why do you convert all in mono?

Tawfiq said...

The recordings are in mono, though on the record "stereo" is mentioned! I didn't concert anything.