Saturday, 1 December 2012

More Dabir Khan: Jugalbandi Rudra Veena and Surbahar with Santosh Banerjee

Ustad Muhammad Dabir Khan (1907-1972) (Rudra Veena)
Santosh Banerjee (born 1932) (Surbahar):
Raga Rabkosh Kanada: Alap, Jod & Bandish in Chautal (42:38)

Many thanks to KF.

Santosh Banerjee is a student of Dabir Khan. He plays Surbahar and Sitar.
Bihaan Music published recently a very beautiful Surbahar CD by him:

The CD can be obtained from:


AmbroseBierce said...

Highly appreciated! Thank you - as always.

hrempe said...

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much! I love both Dabeer Khan and Santosh Banarjee! This should be a treat!