Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ustad Ummeed Ali Khan (1910-1979) - Tirvan, Bairagi, Darbari, Malkauns - A Radio Pakistan Production - LP LKDR-12 (1973)

A legendary singer of the Gwalior Gharana in Pakistan
Recordings from the archives of Radio Pakistan

Side 1: 
1. Raag Darbari (14:36)
Sarangi: Zahid Hussain
Tabla: Allah Ditta Khan
2. Raag Tirvan (11:00)
Sarangi: Nathu Khan
Tabla: Ashiq Hussain

Side 2:
1. Raag Malkauns (13:21)
Sarangi: Nathu Khan
Tabla: Ashiq Hussain
2. Raag Bairagi Bhairon (12:14)
Sarangi: Abdul Hameed
Tabla: Talib Hussain  

"Naushad Firdausi, wrote this in the Usenet newsgroup (RMIC):
Ustad Ummeed Ali Khan was a true blue Gwalior. His father Ustad Meeran Baksh was the son of Ustad Boorey Khan, who was nephew of Ustad Banney Khan whose sons Ustads Jamal Khan, Misri Khan and Saindhey Khan were all renowned gharanedar Gwalior khayaliyas. Ustad Haddu Khan was the grand Uncle of Ustad Banney Khan who incorporated many traditional punjabi folk compositions into khayal bandishes. Ustad Ummeed Ali’s only connection with Patiala Gharana was that he sometimes used to perform in jugalbandi with Ustad Ashiq Ali Khan. Many anecdotes of their friendly rivalry but I’ll leave them for later.
In his later years Ustad Ummeed Ali had lost his eyesight (it seams that this is incorrect, he rather lost his hearing) completely. Yours truly saw him travelling in a tonga many times along with Ustad Natthu Khan sarangiya to the Lahore radio station. That’s where I heard him singing all those wonderful raags like Tirvan, Champak and Neelambari (mitwa baalamwa — still rings in my ears ! ) etc. One only can hope that those recordings exist in radio archives somewhere !! For recordings try your luck with some firanghs who manage to slither into the radio archives one way or another !!"


Mutha Klanger said...

wow. i go India every once in a while and pick up what I can. but this is above and beyond, for me anyway. shukriya & dhanyadavam Tawfiq

Mutha Klanger said...

oops. should have blog'd "shukriya & dhanyaVaDam" :-)

DrKashyap said...

Beyond comparison. Many thanks..

AmbroseBierce said...

Wah, wah, what a gem!

Thanks a lot, Tawfiq - not only for this album! Shabash!

hrempe said...

Absolutely fantastic, Tawfiq! Many many thanks for this one! I wonder, and it's not the first time with your blog, where do you dig up those releases?!

Amazing! Thanks again!

Tawfiq said...

I dig them up from my collection which goes back to the late 1960s. This one I bought in the 1970s in Southall just outside London.

Titas said...

Thank you Tawfiq. I am from Bangladesh and very recently have found your blog. I heard the names of the masters of old, not heard their performances. Thanks to you I have the chance to enjoy them now. I am indebted to you.

Troubled Water said...

Taqfiq Saab, its me again and as always i cannot thank you enough for these great masters. Unfortunately this link has gone down, could you please please please please please please re-up ?
Thanks much and God Bless.

Tawfiq said...

It's working now. Thanks

Troubled Water said...

Thank You so much Taqfiq-Saab for having this uploaded again. You are doing great service to the enthused fraternity. God Bless.

Anonymous said...


Is it possible to get this (and other Pakistani LPs you have uploaded) in lossless format please?