Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ustad Bundu Khan (1880-1955) - More recordings

More than 10 years ago I received - I don't remember anymore from whom - on a CD some unidentified tracks by the Sarangi master. Probably these are also radio recordings. The Sarangi player, teacher and connoisseur Dr. Kashyap identified them recently for me. Here they are:

1. Jaunpuri (9:50)
2. Sorath (9:34)
3. Malkauns (0:58)
4. Bageshree (2:47)
5. Adana (13:50)
6. Bhairav pt. 1 (8:51)
7. Bhairav pt. 2 (10:05)
8. Shahana Bahar (11:35)

Regarding the last track, Dr. Kashyap said: "interestingly different from what we have in his radio program, played at another occasion with a different sarangi."


Mutha Klanger said...

well, the sarangi being played by the Ustad in your pic certainly looks "interestingly different" :-) seems to have a cylindrical body. could that be the one played on the Shana Bahar? no sarangi taxonomy expert, me.

DrKashyap said...

This is the bamboo sarangi specially designed by U.Bundukhan for the ease of making it portable. The one in shahana bahar does not seem to be this one.

Anonymous said...

This blog is an incredible resource for learning about music. Thank you very much.