Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Bansuri player Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao passes away on November 30, 2011 - In his memory his first LP ECLP 2357 (1968)

Vijay Raghavrao - Flute
D.K. Thakar - Flute accompaniment
Manikrao Popatkar - Tabla

Side 1:
Raga Abhogi (20:24)

Side 2:
1. Raga Amrut-Varshini (10:42)
2. Raga Mishra-Piloo (8:13)

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Mutha Klanger said...

thanks again Tawfiq, for this one. a bad few weeks all round for losses.

Aftab & Yulia Datta said...

thank you! the abhogi is the better one of the few i have!

Anonymous said...

Where is the official news about this sad message ? - I only found this source: http://www.pravasiduniya.com/tag/pandit-vijay-raghav-rao-died . Pls name an official source to be confirmed seriously... Tks ( my contact datas here: http://www.imcradio.net/editorial ).

Anonymous said...

oooh, this is a nice one! celestial... i was only familiar with his orchestral arranging work, like the Drums sides, or "The Rains." i agree the abhogi is reeeeally good...

Andy said...

Many thanks. The Wupload is working,

lyrics search said...

Bansuri player pandit vijay raghav rao he is the best player of the bansuri.His taal is really wonderful.I really like his bansuri music.

Vijay Kulkarni said...

Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao is a super-human personality and himself
a "Ocean Of Music"!!!His flute style is very difficult to play. I know him
very well----and I remember him all the time---for me he is ALL.---Vijay Kulkarni.

Prabooo said...

please post more bansuri master recordings, this is highly appreciated