Sunday, 2 October 2011

Yashwant Joshi - Raga Hamir, Raga Goud Malhar & Raga Bahar - Swarashree YJ001 - Cassette from India

Thanks to Ambrose Bierce for providing the cover.


Mutha Klanger said...

Pandit Yashwantbua! Now we're digging deep. Good to see some Swarashree too. Thanks :-)

rajiv said...

Really beautiful music. Thanks a ton.

Varun said...

These links do not seem to work any longer. Would it be possible to re-upload them for the benefit of those who have recently discovered your treasure trove ;)

Thanks a lot for this great public service!

Timo said...

So many thanks for taking good care of the download links, even for such old posts! Especially knowing the problems you had. I'm presently checking out some old gems I missed earlier.

Heartfelt thanks from your biggest fan in Italy –