Friday, 23 September 2011

Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa & Ustad Amir Hussain Khan - Rhythms of India - Tabla Recital - LP EASD 1335 (1969) - The Gramophone Company of India

Side 1:
Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa - Tabla
1. Teen Tala (8:59)
2. Ek Tala (8:29)

Side 2:
Ustad Amir Hussain Khan - Tabla
1. Teen Tala (8:10)
2. Roopak Tala (7:06)
3. Jhap Tala (3:52)


gilhodges said...

What a gorgeous cover. Can't wait to hear it. Thanks!

Ravi Tripathi said...

Thanks Tawfiq for sharing this invaluable invaluable gem with us.May god bless you.

Black music said...
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Mandira said...

I am not able to download from any link of multiupload and megaupload. Can you please provide medisfire or 4shared links?

Thanks & regards

Anonymous said...

Thank You Tawfiq for another historic LP transfer/share! As a very *junior* tabla acolyte i think i have entered Swarga. Don't know how i missed this one before! You are doing a very important part in digitizing these historic LPs so that we may benefit from them!! --dandor

Timo said...

I'm still discovering gems in your bottomless library. I wanted to quote this about Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirakwa:

“You people perhaps have never had the good fortune to hear Rajab Ali Khali of Dewas. He was a wonderful singer, famous for his taiyari (speed). But he had a sly habit of accelerating the speed of his fast Khayal and keeping the poor Tabla-accompanist suspended in that awful tempo for a long time, while he himself would keep on singing in an easy, even tempo. One day he started this stunt on me. I thought of an equally cunning trick. Instead of sweating out the lightning laya, I really started accompanying his taans mathematically. This way I could go on playing the whole night without getting tired, but the singer would get tired very soon. Instead of getting irritated, Rajab Ali Khan appreciated my ingenuity, and we had a good laugh over it.” (Source)

Meanwhile, here's a student's recollection about Ustad Amir Hussain Khan:

Thanks again from Italy.

Tawfiq said...

Many thanks, Timo.

Kalinnikov said...

Can you please reup this with Adrive/Zippy/ I cannot get mediafire where I am and this is something to die for!! Thanks so much for your efforts

Mystica said...

Impresionante BLOG!! Muchas Gracias!!

Tendrás estos discos?

Saludos !!