Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ali Akbar Khan - Sound of the Sarod - Recorded in Concert - LP WPS-21435 (1966) - World Pacific

Ali Akbar Khan - Sarod
Shankar Ghosh - Tabla

Side 1:
Raga Chandranandan (21:41)

Side 2:
Raga Kirwani (28:03)


Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this...would have been forever lost in the mists of time, if not for your generosity. also many thanks to zwan,arvind for sharing their icm collection.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for Khan saheb's LP !

Tajdar Junaid said...

These are rare records. I have huge respect for your time and effort in preserving and sharing these Tawfiq.

Tajdar Junaid

Anonymous said...

Ali Akbar Khan + Shankar Ghosh = Sublime! Thanks Again for these Classics! --dandor

Anonymous said...

sorry to bother but any chance you can upload this link again. thanks in advance.

Tawfiq said...

The link works perfectly. As by now everybody should know perhaps, Rapidshare limited its public traffic as of 27th of november 2012. So if the message comes up that the public traffic is exhausted you just have to wait till next morning (European time as Rapidshare is based in Switzerland).

Kirrin said...

Hi Tawfiq,

Is it possible to transfer this as WAV or FLAC?


Tawfiq said...

Yes, I have the intention to add flac files to all posts which don't have them yet. But this will take time as the time I can devote to the blog is limited.

Kirrin said...

Thanks so much for doing this.. Greatly appreciated!