Sunday, 4 September 2011

3ème festival de musique Andalouse - Alger 1972 - Vol. 2

LP Mahrajan 72591 (Réalisation: Club du Disque Arabe)
On side 1 is a rather awful modern version of classical Arab music with a far too big orchestra inspired by western symphonic orchestras with a huge mixed female and male chorus. Traditionally this music used to be performed by a solo singer and a small ensemble, the so-called Takht, with just an 'Ud, a Qanun, a Nay, maybe a violin, and one or two percussionists on the Riqq and Darbouka.
Side 2 has a very beautiful and traditional example of the Arabo-Andalusian music of Tlemcen, in the so-called Gharnati (coming from Granada) style.

Side 1:
Société Egytienne du Conservatoire de Musique Arabe
sous la direction du Professeur Abdelhalim Nouira (24:00)

Side 2:
Orchestre Mustapha Belkhodja de Tlemcen:
Btaihi Ghrib: Fad Elhaoua
Darj Ghrib: Allah Allah Ach Dani Naachaq
Khlas Ghrib: Emchi Ya Rassoul
Touchiat El Kamal (22:20)

Our dear friend Bolingo had already uploaded a while ago Vol. 7:
We will upload the Volumes 6 & 9

Bolingo also uploaded the first 6 LPs of Volume 1 of the 2ème Festival Algerien de la Musique Andalouse 1969


bolingo69 said...

Wonderful Tawfiq!

I hope in due time we can get all of these in place. You are quite right about the Egyptian "overfull bench" orchestra ;-) The guys from Tlemcen are a bit more reasonable! Your blog is becoming more and more saturated with good and wonderous music. Alas I wish I will soon have a little time to elaborate on my own...
I will try to share some 78 rpm material a little later...
Wishing you all well!

NERIG said...

Hi Tawfiq
I love your blog. It is an absolute mine of fantastic music. Being a musician myself, it pains me to look at the middle east in the state it is in at the moment and imagine how music music and culture is being lost or destroyed at the hands of these ISIS thugs and others. Thanks goodness for people like you who keep it alive. Did you ever hear back from the guy who had the records in Kuwait from the 3Šme festival de musique Andalouse Alger 1972? Kind regards

Tawfiq said...

Thanks. Unfortunately I didn't here anything about this anymore. See:

NERIG said...

Well I've written to him again. Hopefully he still gets messages!