Sunday, 16 July 2017

Muhammad Sabsadi - Cithare Classique - Qanun - Liban - Arabesques No. 2 - LP published in France in 1974

We post here four volumes of the excellent series "Arabesques" by Jean-Claude Chabrier, published in a first series in 1974 (volumes 1 to 5) and a second series in 1979 (volumes 6 to 10). In 2011 we had already posted the No. 9 by the outstanding Turkish Ney player Hayri Tümer (see here).
Our very dear blogger colleague Bolingo posted the first complete series of five LPs already in 2010 (see here). We post three of them here again, completed with wave files and scans of the insides of the gatefold albums. 
The series is devoted to the art of Taqsim, the classical instrumental improvisation on a given Maqam in Classical Arab music. The vol. 9 is devoted to Taqsims in classical or rather mystical (Sufi) music in Turkey and the vol. 10 to a long instrumental improvisation of Iranian Dastgah music, to round off the picture of solo instrumental improvisations in Near Eastern and Middle Eastern classical musical traditions.
In the future we might post some more volumes.


Obay Sh said...

love this series

Paul Burton said...

Thank you so much for introducing us all to this fine sounding music. Most enjoyable. Thanks again. Look forward to more.

Anonymous said...

Thanks one more time for your good taste and for the virtue of sharing. A longest life to you !

Valentin MH said...

Good, thanks...appreciate your work :)