Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Indian Talas - Nikhil Ghosh (1918-1995) & Raja Chattrapati Singh (1919-1998) - Unesco Collection - Musical Atlas - LP released in Italy in 1983

Here a rather rare LP with the great Tabla master Nikhil Ghosh (1918-1995) and his sons Nayan Ghosh (born 1956) (Tabla) and Dhruba Ghosh (born 1957) (Sarangi). In addition the LP has two tracks by the great Pakhawaj master Raja Chattrapati Singh (1919-1998).
I still remember vividly a concert of Nikhil Ghosh with his very young sons, playing Sitar and Sarangi, in Cologne on 21st of november 1978. Today both sons are very well known musicians.

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Rory said...

Thanks a lot Tawfiq for your 2 last shares, 2 discoveries for me, what a collection you've got!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with comment above from Rory!

Thank You for this excellent sounding *rare* Unesco Collection LP issued by Italian EMI Odeon label! --dandor

Anonymous said...

What a Gem! Thank you. What a historic lp!


Abu Adam said...

Thank you so much for this recording. So little out there from the great master Raja Chattrapati Singh. Especially wonderful to have a Jhaptala solo by him.