Saturday, 2 July 2016

Azerbaijan Mugams Destgakh - Box of 4 CDs containing a box of 5 LPs published 1989 in Azerbaijan plus another LP

In the mid 1990s a friend lent me from his collection a box of 5 LPs of Mugams from Azerbaijan plus a single LP. Unfortunately I don't remember anymore if it was a friend from Amsterdam or from Berlin. Both had (and have) quite a collection of Melodia LPs from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and other Soviet Oriental Republics. A friend digitized the LPs, scanned the covers and made out of them a four CD box. The LP box "Azerbaijan Mugams Destghakh", published in 1989, consists of 7 LPs, but the one we got had only 5 LPs. The LPs 1 and 5 were missing. The singers are the greatest and most traditional of the second half of the 20th century. In the booklet the biography of Janali Akparov is missing. The 5 LPs of this box are here on the first 3 CDs:

CD 1: Alim Ghasimov (Qasimov) - Bayat-i-Kurd & Aqakhan Abdullaev - Bayat-i-Shiraz (LP 2), Janali Akparov - Cargah & Yakup Mammadov - Zabol-Segah (LP 3).
CD 2: Janali Akparov - Orta Mahur, Dugah & Kurd Shahnaz (LP 4), Arif Babayev - Humayun (LP 6, side A).
CD 3: Arif Babayev - Rast (LP 6, side B), Aqakhan Abdullaev - Rahab & Bayat Qajar (LP 7).

CD 4 contains a LP of two less known, but excellent singers.


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