Friday, 13 May 2016

Buxarskie Klassiki - Classical Music of Bukhara - MP3-CD from Uzbekistan

Here we present another wonderful MP3-CD from the collection of our dear friend Danny, containing famous singers from Bukhara, basicly trained in Shashmaqam, all from the Jewish community of Bukhara. The CD contains five folders:
1. The Family of Babakhanovs: Levi Babakhanov (1873-1926) and his son Moshe Babakhanov (1910-1983). There grandson and son Ari Babakhanov (born 1934) is today the most famous and most authentic interpreter of the Shashmaqam. See: There is a wonderful CD by him and his ensemble, first published in 1999 on the Dutch label  New Samarkand Records, later republished by Pan Records. It is available from We will post soon a cassette by him.
2. Barno Isxakova (Ishakova). We posted recently a MP3-CD by her here. The material here seems to be more or less completely also on that MP3-CD.
3. Berta Davidova. We posted a MP3-CD by her here. The material here seems to be more or less completely also on that MP3-CD.
4. Gabriel Mullaqandov, a great Bukharian Shashmaqam singer.
5. Boris Namateyev (Namatiev), a well-known Shashmaqam singer, who lived in Dushambe, Tajikistan.


Janas said...

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

The Gabriel Mullaqandov is giving me goosebumps...thank you!

danothy said...

These are fantastic. Many thanks to you, and to Danny!

kukrapok said...

Wo0hoo! Thanks a bunch for this!

Mason said...

I took a walk in a light spring rain listening to Gabriel Mullanqandov yesterday. Thank you for making this experience possible.
(Thank you also for looking into the similarities between your uploads and the Uzbek classical site within your last post's comment section)

David Wyatt said...

A double-delight: maqam from Bukhara AND 78s! I found some info on Levi Babakhanov's recordings: unfortunately I am not expert enough on the parts of the shashmaqom to say which are here, but tracks 1-6 were recorded in 1909 as part of a set of 13 pieces from the cycle, on 20 78rpm sides. The tracks here are some of the following:

- recorded on 2 78s (so, the longer 8 min tracks are some of these): Qashqarchai sarvinoz, Talqini mog'ulchai segokh, Ufori mog'ulchai segokh, Mog'ulchai buzruk, Talqini ushshoq, Nasri ushshoq, Navruzi sabo

- recorded on 1 78 (so, the 3-4 min tracks are some of these): Turki qashqarchai sarvinoz, Talqini uzzol, Mog'ulchai segokh, Sarvinoz, Talqini sabo, Ufori talqini sabo

I couldn't find anything about Moshe's recordings (tracks 7-16) unfortnately...

Wonderful to be able to hear these, and of course the others! Thank you.

Tawfiq said...

Dear David,
thank you so much for the infos. Very appreciated.