Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ram Narayan & Chatur Lal - Ragas du Matin et du Soir - Re-edition of a LP published originally in France in 1964

This is a 1976 re-edition of a 10" record published by the same label originally in 1964. See below the original covers (taken from Discogs). The 1976 edition has less surface noise.

Covers of the original 1964 edition:


ASDLR said...

Your blog is one of those things that keep me hopeful about the Internet.

Thanks you so much for sharing such great music and knowledge.

Greetings from Paris & Montreal.

Ананасий Непитин said...

thanks a lot!
really great share/

Anonymous said...

Hi! can you reupload this files? thanks you so much!

Aadil Moosa said...

Tawfiq Bhai, Adrive links not working,