Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Torkaman - Music from Iranian Turkmenistan - Cassette published in Iran (early 1990s)

Chaharomin Djashnvareh Mousiqi Fajr 
(4. Fajr Music Festival) - Vol. 12

performed by:
Grouhe (ensemble) Azad Mahali

Turkmen music from the Iranian part of Turkmenistan. This cassette contains music of Bakhshis (bards) accompanying themselves on Dutar and accompanied on Gidjak, a spike fiddle called in Iran and Azerbaijan Kamancheh.

"Turkmen in Iran and Afghanistan:
Turkmen in Iran and Afghanistan remain very conservative in comparison to their brethren in Turkmenistan. Islam plays a much more prominent role in Iran and Afghanistan where Turkmen follow many traditional Islamic practices that many Turkmen in Turkmenistan have abandoned as a result of decades of Soviet rule. In addition, many Turkmen in Iran and Afghanistan have remained at least semi-nomadic and traditionally work in agriculture/animal husbandry and the production of carpets In Iran about 2 000,000 Turkmen are primarily concentrated in the provinces of Golestan and North Khorasan."

"The Turkmens reside in the north of the (Iranian) province Golestan, a plain called Turkmen Sahra. This former nomadic people live in this area from 15th century, main cities of which are Gonbad-e Kavus and Bandar Torkaman." 

Here some more Turkmen music from the former Soviet Union:


LolaRadio said...

thanks ewfiq,
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Janas said...

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David said...

Tawfiq - I've been away too long! Wonderful to find a Turkmen cassette waiting for me! Thank you so much.

In case you haven't found Hammer's Audiotopia blog before, may I recommend his massive compilations of Sudanese music here and here to you & your readers - - magnificent compilations, magnificent music! It's not quite your core material but I'm sure you'll find plenty to enjoy!

Cheers, David

cantal said...

Many many thanks for all the work you put into this massive blog. I've been listening to oriental musics for the last 40 years but I still discover new artists (to me); it looks endless.
And other followers give us such good other blogs to visit that I can spend the rest of my life with you !