Friday, 7 June 2013

S. Balachander (1927-1990) - Marvellous Melakarta Melodies - Album 1 - LP published in India in 1970

Side 1:
Extempore Melodic Improvisation of "Shuddha Madhyama" (F Natural)
Melakarta Ragas
1st Melakarta - Kanakaangi (From Chakra I)
9th Melakarta - Dhenuka (From Chakra II)
17th Melakarta - Sooryakaantam (From Chakra III)

Side 2:
Extempore Melodic Improvisation of "Shuddha Madhyama" (F Natural)
Melakarta Ragas
20th Melakarta - Nathabhairavi (From Chakra IV)
30th Melakarta - Naagaanandini (From Chakra V)
34th Melakarta - Vaagadheesvari (From Chakra VI)


Barron said...

Ah, thank you. I really enjoyed the last Balachander album you posted.

SOTISE said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

o.m.g., how amazing, wow!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you seems so inadequate for all the treasures you share, but I thank you nonetheless!

AmbroseBierce said...

Thank you for these two Balachander albums. He's the greatest veena player I know...

Anonymous said...


warrick sony said...

thank you - I have a scratched version of this album which I have been listening to since 1986! Did he ever complete the 10 albums of this raga he set out to do..mentioned in the liner notes? There is so little of his work around.

Tawfiq said...

if you put the name balachandar in Amazon, for example, you find 8 Volumes on CD, most of them containing one and a half LP.

Aadil Moosa said...

Tawfiq Bhai, Adrive links not working,


raman said...

All 72 Melakarta Ragas were released as 12 LP's. Following SB's demise, HMV/EMI/Saregama came out with a box set of 6 CD's from the masters of these LP's. Should be available online. SB's grandson (my son) Baradwaj Raman is following his grandfather's tradition on the Veena. Look for him on Youtube - Baradwaj Raman Veena

Allan said...

Thanks very much! I'd like to offer you six cassettes of Balachander

HMV HTC 8144
HMV HTC 8176
HMV HTC 8193
HMV STHVS 847738
HMV STHVS 847742
HMV HTCS 08 8072

How may I send them to you?
You could message me via the email link on arbiter records dot org's website.
can't thank you enough for the profound music you continually offer us.

Tawfiq said...

Dear Allan,
I tried twice to send you a mail to the address given on your website, but it was both times rejeceted: "Recipient address rejected: Access denied".
Caan you give me a working email address please.

Allan said...

allan at arbiterrecords dot com

raman said...

Hey Allan,
I have the HMV cassettes (that were originally released as LP's and later re-released as cassettes). Most of these have seen another release by Saregama in CD format. You should be able to find them on the web.
A more recent posthumous release that you could buy online is found at Amazon: