Saturday, 6 April 2013

Masters of Vichitra Veena - Part II - Gopal Shankar Mishra (1957-1999)

Here some recordings by Gopal Shankar Mishra, the worthy son of Lalmani Mishra. Gopal Shankar Mishra was a master of the Sitar and the Vichitra Veena. Recordings done at the Benares Dhrupad Mela in 1995 and 1999.

Download CD 1 & Scans
Download CD 2

Recordings courtesy of VN,  CD compilation and covers by KF.
Many thanks to both. 

About the artist:


Mutha Klanger said...

hey, Part 2. more niceness. thanks to all for a great team effort :-)

Apurba Kumar Roy said...

for some reason, the part 2 seems corrupted, I couldn't extract. Also the part 2 of the previous post seems to be corrupt too, whereas the part 1 of both the posts are perfect. It would be kind if you post the links once again. Thanks for the great effort that you have already made to post such records online.

Mutha Klanger said...


both sets extracted OK for me. could you be having path length problems? maybe try extracting under C:\temp first to cut them down a bit and see if that helps?

Tawfiq said...

Just downloaded both and it worked perfectly. So the problem is definitely on your side. Try again.

DrKashyap said...

Miya Malhar is a divine track. Many thanks Mr. Tawfiq.

Apurba Kumar Roy said...

I just wanted to be sure but I was guessing that the problem would be from my side. So I would try from some other computer. Many thanks for your reply.

Apurba Kumar Roy said...

and finally I could exact the files perfectly.


Indiana Limestone said...

Mr. Tawfiq thanks a lot for sharing such hidden gems of Indian classic music. It is more appreciable because even I am Indian I never thought a Veena can create such magic in the air. thanks again.
- Vinnie