Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Ustad Doray Logari - Vol. 1 - Cassette from Afghanistan

Ostad Doray Logari is considered to be the father of Logari music. I guess that this means that he popularized this music in the middle of last century through his performances broadcast by Afghan radio and television. The famous Bilton, of whom we had posted earlier two cassettes (see here and here), is his best student. Logari music became through Ostad Doray Logari's performances very popular all over Afghanistan and is often considered the most typical Afghan music.
Logar (great mountain) is a province, mostly inhabited by Pashtuns and Tajiks, southeast of Kabul. 

Side 1 (30:17)
Side 2 (30:08)

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roberth said...

love your site
i can't wait to check this out!!
thank you for making hard to find sounds available that expand one's sense of the world
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