Sunday, 10 February 2013

More Anokhelal Mishra (1914-1958) - Tabla Solo in Teental in Balaram Pathak's house on 11.9.1957

Here an unpublished Tabla solo by the great master 
recorded by his student Mahapurush Mishra.

Anokhelal Mishra - Tabla
Lahara: Khanna Banerjee
Teental (32:14)

Pandit Anokhelal Mishra was born in Kashi in 1914. He belonged to the Benaras Gharana of the Tabla. Both his parents died when he was very young and he was brought up by his grandmother. She detected his talent and enrolled him as a student of the Tabla in the Benaras Gharana of Ram Sahaiji. As a child, Anokhelal had to suffer poverty and deprivation. He was put under the tutelage of Pandit Bhairavprasadji, who gave him a rigorous education for 15 continuous years. This really worked wonders. Anokhelal put in unremitting practice, which went on for hours together, every day.
Anokhelalji’s relentless practice lent a unique clarity to his Tabla syllables. He was applauded for his superb ‘Nikas’ (sound production). He was called the wizard of ‘Na Dhin Dhin Na’. He could play these syllables with exceptional clarity, even at a supersonic speed. This assured him a place in history. Anokhelal was a soloist as well as an excellent accompanist.
At a time, when appearance in the National Programme of Music on All India Radio was a matter of immense prestige, Anokhelal figured in the same, a number of times. In the late fifties, his programmes were broadcast by the Voice of America as well. He was afflicted by Gangrene in 1956 and succumbed to it in 1958 at the very young age of 44. Humble and friendly by nature, he was popular all over the country. To him goes the credit of making the audience familiar with the Benaras style of Tabla. Anokhelal trained a number of pupils. His son Ramji Mishra, the late Mahapurush Mishra, Ishwarlal Mishra, Chhotelal Mishra and Kashinath Mishra are some of the prominent pupils of Pt. Anokhelal Mishra.


Sanjeev said...

Sound quality is very good for a 1957 recording.. Thanks for sharing..

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Need the other part of it.

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That's all that got recorded, as far as I know.

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Can you please upload this with Adrive or Fischier or something - I cannot access mediafire where I am. Would love to hear this!

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Can you help me to find out Pt. Anokhelal Mishra date of birth?