Friday, 4 January 2013

Yunus Rajabi (Rajabiy) (1897-1976) - Yunus Rajabi performs Uzbek National Songs - Double LP Melodiya

A double LP of solo performances, partly from the repertoire of the Shashmaqam (LP 1), by the great master of Shashmaqam (see here his complete Shashmaqam).

Side 1:
1. Bayyot I (Fuzuli) (8:51)
2. Bayyot II (Miskin) (4:18)
3. Dugoh I (Fuzuli) (5:22)
4. Qalandari (Mukimi) (3:20)

Ensemble of national instruments

Side 2:
1. Ushshok (Navoi) (7:14)
2. Chorgoh (Yu. Saryomi) (8:24)
3. Adoyi va Asiri (Furkat and Miskin) (7:04)

Quartet of national instruments (1)
Ensemble of national instruments (2, 3)

Side 3:
Uzbek national songs:
1. Kucha Bogi (Street garden) – I (Mukimi) (6:51)
2. Kucha Bogi (Street garden) – II (Navoi) (5:47)
3. Sarparda (Navoi) (6:52)

Ensemble of national instruments

Side 4:
1. Kuygay (Yu. Rajabi – Kh. Olimzhon) (2:51)
2. Girya I (national music, Navoi and Mukimi) (7:30)
3. Girya II (national music, Bobir) (5:20)
4. Koshki (If only) (Yu. Rajabi  – Navoi) (3:38)

Ensemble of national instruments (1-3)
Orchestra of national instruments (4)

Thanks to Danny for sharing this double-LP
and to Berdak Bayimbetov for the translations and transcriptions.


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hi, thanks for all the records you put in your blog ! a lot of good music to share. And if you find some others good recordings of afghanistan and azerbaidjan, i would be so greatfull !!!
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Thanks a lot

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