Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan - Vol. 1 - Lok Virsa GM-7 - Cassette from Pakistan

Recently Bosmart had posted on his blog a couple of beautiful cassettes from Pakistan by some of the masters of the Patiala Gharana under the title "Maitres de Patiala". Here a small contibution: a cassette by the great Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, a grandson of one of the two founders of the Patiala Gharana. See about him: 

Ustad Fateh Ali Khan (born 1935) - Vocal
Amjad Amanat Ali Khan (1953-2002) - Vocal Support
Nazim Ali Khan (died 1999) - Sarangi
Mian Shaukat Hussain Khan (1930-1996) - Tabla

Side A:
1. Raag Megh (Vilambit) (Interview & Demonstration) (4:13)
2. Baat Geet (12:13)
3. Raag Shub Kalyan (Khyal & Tarana) (13:19)

Side B:
Raag Darbari (Khayal & Tarana) (29:48)


ricky puspito said...

nice share..thanks alot

Torbill Duallman said...


Aladin Zukovic said...

Thank you very much!!
Do you have pics of these audio cassetes to ? Or covers only.

ajnabi said...

The Lok Virsa series are fantastic. One of great institutions in Pakistan

Tawfiq said...

Yes, I agree. Wished to have more from this series, especially also some of their folk music, for example from Sindh. Some of their cassettes I already have posted, also one from times when they were still called National Institute of Folk Heritage.
One can find a good number of their cassettes on this blog:
and some on:
If you know of more or have more please share.

Tawfiq said...

Forgot: a not complete list of their publications one can find here:

Tawfiq said...

unfortunately my old scanner broke down and with my other scanner I can't make good scans of objects, only of flat covers. Even the LP labels are sometimes difficult to scan.

Aladin Zukovic said...

Thanks for reply , and ty for your hard work , amazing blog!

Anonymous said...

Superb blog, Tawfiq! Thanks for sharing these rare gems.

Sorry about this, but the ragas are incorrectly associated with the tracks on this download. For example, the last track, named as Darbari, contains no piece of Darbari. It starts out with some form of Malhar, then plays a few other tunes, and finally settles on Bilaskhani Todi or Bhairavi (probably Bilaskhani Todi). If you could translate the Urdu on the inlays and post the track listing, it would help greatly. Thanks!

Tawfiq said...

Sorry, but what I wrote is what is on the cover. For years I have the suspicion that the cover doesn't match the cassette. The music is much lighter than a Raga Megh or Darbari. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

That's quite alright. Great share, nevertheless. Thanks!

Tawfiq said...

I bought the cassette in the 1980s or 1990s in a Pakistani shop in Paris. The inlay was original, but the cassette was a copy. So it might have happened there that they put the wrong cassette in the box.

Surajit Bose said...

As far as I can tell, these are the tracks:

Side A
1. Raga Sindhi Bhairavi, brief demonstration of Aashiq Ali Khan's style of layakari and bol-taans
2. Thumri, starts off vaguely Rageshree-like but doesn't settle into any raga
3. Punjabi song, not raga-based

Side B
4. Raga Miyan Malhar followed by a long thumri in Bhairavi. It is not Bilaskhani Todi, though for a while he demonstrates Bhoopal Todi within the Bhairavi framework.

Tawfiq said...

Dear Surajit, thank you very very much. This is the kind of knowledge I don't have at all. I'm just an amateur music lover. Hope you will let us profit more from your precious knowledge in the future.

Surajit Bose said...

You're welcome, Tawfiq, but you're giving me too much credit! Like you, I'm just an amateur music lover too; and you have done far more to promote that music than I. Hopefully some real expert will come by and be able to correct any mistakes I may have made in the identification.