Thursday, 17 January 2013

Al-Mouloud an-Nabawiya ash-Sharif - The celebration of the birth of the Noble Prophet - Cassette from Tunisia

As the Mouloud, the celebration of the birth of the prophet Muhammad (salallah aleihi wa salam), is coming soon (on the 24th of january) and in some Sufi communities the celebrations have already started, I post here a beautiful Mouloud cassette which I bought in Brussels in the 1980s. 


Anonymous said...

i listened to both sides. it was very beautiful, indeed

David said...

Thank you Tawfiq; I listened to this this morning, which I hope still counts as the right day, and thought it was indeed beautiful. I will be dleighted if it is from Tunisia, as I have heard almost nothing from that country & it is always good to begin to fill a gap!

Tawfiq said...

Dear David,
I have now proof that it is from Tunisia. By the way, there has been already another recording from Tunisia here, an LP of Malouf, the classical music from Tunisisa: