Sunday, 23 December 2012

More Rudra Veena - Anant Bedekar (1921- ? )

Side 1:
Raga Malkauns - Alap (6:41)

Side 2:
Raga Malkauns - Jod (6:24)

Additional tracks:
Raga Madhukauns - Alap (4:50)
Raga Madhukauns - Jod (12:56)

Many thanks to KF for sharing generously these rare recordings.

"Born in a family of music lovers, Anant Bedekar also played the sitar and the surbahar. His music, he said, was neither in the dhrupad nor in the khyal style. His expressive playing technique and the singular sound of his bin made him an original binkar at any rate, unjustly condemned to obscurity.
Anant Bedekar (1921 - ?), doctor and binkar, enjoyed the mixed instruction of Laxman Rao Chavan, son of Balvant Rao Chavan, one of Bande Ali Khan’s disciples."


DrKashyap said...

Many thanks Mr. Axel for such a rare treat.

David said...

Didn't want to let Christmas pass without saying thank you, Tawfiq, for all the music you bring us so generously. You bring us joy and happiness with all your hard work & detailed commentaries - thank you & all best for 2013!


Tawfiq said...

Dear David,
thank you very much. It is all my pleasure and I'm very happy when I see that it is appreciated and there is someone who loves the same things I love.
All the best