Monday, 1 October 2012

Bahram Mansurov (1911-1985) - Azerbaijani Mugam - Unesco Collection - Musical Sources - LP published in 1975

Another wonderful LP by the great master of Azerbaijani Tar, the only one published in Europe. Later republished on CD as part of the Unesco Collection from Auvidis/Naive, but no longer available for many many years. As accompanist you can hear him here.

Side 1:
1. Mugam Bayati-Isfahan (5:31)
2. Mugam Humayun (8:32)
3. Mugam Nivanishapur (4:58)
4. Mugam Shur (9:08)

Side 2:
1. Mugam Mahur-Hindi (11:58)
2. Mugam Bayati-Kurd (6:49)
3. Mugam Chahargah (9:04)


youngdoug said...

Thank you. I have some of his other stuff, but this is new.

Azerbaijani music is such a deep and wondrous goldmine.

Tawfiq said...

Thank you. Would be interested what the other stuff you have is. Next to these two Lps I have a CD published in Iran, apparently rereleasing a LP from 1959 and one CD from Azerbaijan downloaded from the internet.

Hammer said...

Incredible musician.

Thanks bud!


youngdoug said...

For Mansurov I probably have the same two albums as you - the Iranian one and another off the internet. I'll send you the covers for you to check if you wish - somehow work out a contact email?

For Aberzaijan I have a large selection - some purchased from emusic, most downloaded from other sites. I've near exhausted the emusic stock.

Very willing to share anything I have.

Worldwide Alim Qasimov is the most well-known, but he's only the tip and there are others at his level - arguably better. Plus the Ashiqs are another area entirely.

I'm not sure why I find it so wonderful at the moment - it seems to lie between so many musical traditions and disciplines, yet still has it's own very clear magic.

Let me know a contact method and if there's anything I can share, I will.

Respect to you and your blog - you have introduced me to so much.

Tawfiq said...

You can contact me via:
I guess I will have almost everything you have, if you don't have any LPs or CDs published in Azerbaijan itself. But I would be interested in the cover of the one off the internet. Hope that it is not the CD version of the Unesco LP.
Best greetings

Calisan said...

Woow! Just here I find these rare stuff! Thanks... (whatever upthere) and you Tawfiq.