Sunday, 8 July 2012

Vilayat Khan - Sitar - A Treasure from Solomon's Mines SME 1/2 - Very rare Indian LP from 1956

This is a very rare LP from an Indian label called "A Treasure from Solomon's Mines". According to the liner notes the date of publication is 1956. The label apparently published in the second half of the 1950s a couple of LPs (the very first LPs published in India), for example in 1957 one by Ram Narayan (SME 3/4).
There had been in the internet already links to download this record, but unfortunately with very poor sound quality. The files we present here are from a broken LP, which a friend was able to restore. The result is much more satisfying then the files found in the internet. There are still some cracks, but otherwise the music has good sound quality.

Side 1:
Raga Rageshari (Rageshri) (11:14)

Side 2:
Raga Pilu (11:20)


Anonymous said...

vilayat is reeeeallly good... wow, this will be fun to hear a new one from him.. love the label name!


Mutha Klanger said...
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Mutha Klanger said...

King Solomons' Meends? :-)

what a stunner. thanks Tawfiq. brightens up a grey Monday considerably. can't wait to hear.

gypsykat said...

Wonderful! I've listened to it several times now.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

flac or wv, please

Anonymous said...

Flac, please. It has less lost and is almost original. THANK YOU.

Tawfiq said...

Unfortunately I'm living in a village at the very end of an internet cable. That means that it is extremely slow. A normal 100 mb file takes already about 5 hours to upload. So you have to accept what is given.

Chris said...

I love you Tawfiq.

amnemon said...

Stunning. Thank you so much. This is my favourite site on the internet.

Anonymous said...

A great listen. I love the recording quality, the tape-echo on the sitar makes the whole event even more magical. Tawfiq thank you for this and all your other treasures!

Barron said...

Wonderful recording! I have several others by Vilayat Khan, but this is by far the best. Thank you.

Abhimonyu Deb said...

I am eternally grateful to you for finding and uploading this recording.

Anonymous said...

WOnderFul! Many thanks!

Tawfiq said...

Dear Abhimonyu,
my pleasure. I'm very very grateful for all the jewels you uploaded on your Mediafire account.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - I regret that I've only recently discovered Vilayat Khan, so excellent to hear his early, rare work.


Timo said...

I've been checking out things on your blog since last summer and it's incredible what work you've put down here. All the related articles, not to mention the flawless scans of the covers, are extremely appreciated. I keep browsing both new and old posts to discover gems I might have missed on some earlier browse (I have special interest in Indian music which you've been very generous with).

In today's world, this site stands out like an island where one isn't disturbed by petty everyday stress.

I think many of us visitors would never have come across the majority of the things if you hadn't put them up here. Currently listening to Vilayat Khan. Another instant favourite was Mallikarjun Mansur. Incredible music.

Best greetings from Italy – 

vinay pande said...

I cant thank you enough for posting this superb old LP. I remember it well from about 50 years ago. that's the last time I heard it....Solomon's mines was below my apartment building in Bombay. they published this small format LP and one of ram narain's sarangi as well.

vinay pande

Anonymous said...

Around 1990, I saw heaps of these two LP's and some SP's too (short plays)in Mumbai Chor Bazzar. I did pick up few copies for few rupees and shared with friends. Almost all copies were severely damaged and had lots of scratches and warped etc.

Never knew that there will be a renewed interest in them.Let me see if i could locate and restore them again

-Dr.Suresh Chandvankar
Secretary,'Society of Indian Record Collectors',Mumbai India

Tawfiq said...

Dr.Suresh Chandvankar,
thank you for your response. If you could find one of the Ram Narayan LPs and make a copy and scans of the cover I would be very happy to post them on this blog. Also if you have a better copy of the Vilayat Khan LP would be great.
Many thanks in advance.

Adhy said...

Dear Tawfiq,

Thank you so much for all the amazing and beautiful music you share!

If you have time, could you re upload this recording sometime?
(Vilayat / Solomon's mines)

Thanks and have a nice day ;

Tawfiq said...

It's done. Thanks for making me aware of it.

Adhy said...

Thanks a lot Tawfiq !
And thank you again and again for your efforts to share so much great music !

Anonymous said...

what a great service to listeners worldwide,so selfless and for the cause of music.I admire your zeal.keeep it up.
blessings and admirations from music lovers is going to be your greatest earning dear, God bless you.Keep up the great effort.