Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Ustad Faiyaz Khan Sahib (1886-1950) - Raga Desi & Raga Gour Malhar - An All India Radio Release - HMV STC 04B 7525 (1991) - Cassette from India

Side A:
Raga Desi: Alap (14:26)
Raga Desi: Dhamar (6:38)

Side B:
Raga Desi: Drut Khayal (6:37)
Raga Gour Malhar: Khayal (13:33)


Suleiman said...

Keep up the excellent work tawfiq. we need more blogs like these... truly timeless spiritual stuff....!!

im slowly going through the posts and have seen some amazing gems long lost to history !

Mandira said...

Again I am not able to download any of the files. It seems that there is a problem with the multiupload, because every time when I try a message comes :
"Unfortunately, this file is temporarily unavailable"
Please provide an alternative link.

Best regards.