Thursday, 25 August 2011

Ustad Amir Muhammad (1931-1997) - Vol. 1 - HMC 375 - Cassette from Afghanistan

Legendary Ghazal singer from Kabul

For more information about the singer see the excellent recent book with CD:
John Baily – Songs from Kabul: The Spiritual Music of Ustad Amir Mohammad,
SOAS Musicology Series

The book can be obtained from:


Giri Mandi said...

Fantastic! Many thanks, and please... more!!!!

Anonymous said...

Must agree - fantastic!

Vol 2 available....?

Many Thanks.


øשlqæda said...

simply stunning musique. i too would love to hear more in this vein & even though it will cost me a days wage, i'm ordering the book this week. thank you, tawfiq. these tunes may be lost to the sands of time, but with yer generous offering, no longer forgotten :) mille mercis

Tawfiq said...

Unfortunately I have no other volumes. There are some videos in the internet, but no audiofiles, as far as I know. The only thing one can do then is to get the book with CD.

Prince Marolo said...

Wonderful music, thank you for posting. Have been enjoying lots of things from your blog.

David said...

Fantastic! Many of these singers & groups are so serious, it's wonderful to hear one where the singer & ensemble are obviously enjoying themselves, and are able to communicate that enjoyment to the listener. This goes to the top of my listening list! Thank you.

el rubab said...


JT said...

Hi Tawfiq, thank you so much for sharing your music. If you have some Afghan music tapes to sell, I would be very happy to become your customer. Let me know, cheers.