Friday, 12 August 2011

Sufiana Kalam - Classical Instrumental & Vocal Music from Kashmir - Concert Freiburg (Germany), 16th june 1984

Ustad Ghulam Muhammad Qalinbaf (Vocal & Setar)
Abdul Rahman Lohn (Vocal & Setar)
Mushtaq Ahmed (Santur)
Muhammad Yaqub (Tabla)

As this musical tradition, which is closer to Central Asian Maqam traditions than to India, is nearly extinct and recordings are extremely rare, we post here a radio broadcast of a concert.

For more information about this precious tradition see the excellent book:
Josef M. Pacholczyk - Sufyana Musiqi - The Classical Music of Kashmir, Intercultural Music Studies Vol.: 9, Book and Compact Disc, 216 p., 7 illustrations, 18 tab., 219 musical examples, index, bibliography, appendices, Hardcover, 13,5 x 21 cm, VWB Verlag, ISBN 3-86135-640-6
It can be obtained from:


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