Monday, 15 August 2011

Ahmed Şahin - Ezan Kamet Müezzinlik (Adhan Iqamat Muezzin) - Cassette from Turkey

Adhan (Ezan) is the call to prayer from the Minaret, Iqamat (Kamet) is the call to prayer in the Mosque immediately before the prayer. Here are performed both for the 5 daily prayers in different Maqams as well as some recitations connected to them. At the end some Sufi songs (Ilahis).
Ahmed Şahin is a well known Ney player and Sufi singer and the Imam of a Mosque in Istanbul.
We posted already another Adhan cassette by him:


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RS link is gone, have merci with us, Tawfiq

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Thanks. New link is available now.

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Thank you, Tawfiq!