Thursday, 9 August 2018

Tajikistan - Davlatmand (Daulatmand) Kholov & Ensemble - Cassettes 4 & 5 out of the six cassettes box "Musiqi-e Milal-e Musalman - Music of the Islamic People" released by Anjuman Musiqi Iran (Society for Iranian Music) in 1996 in Iran

Here we post two cassettes devoted to Tajikistan out of a box of six cassettes. This box was published by the same organization as the series of 18 albums "Local Iranian Music", each containing six cassettes, from which we posted up to now only the volume on Baluchestan.
My friend KF made many years ago a double CD out of these two volumes and created covers based on the booklet to the cassettes. Unfortunately I don't have these cassettes anymore. The volume 3 by another very popular Tajik singer we will not post as it is not that interesting. What the other volumes contained I don't remember anymore, except that one volume contained recordings by Bismillah Khan. Maybe there was also one volume by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Anyway, I didn't consider them important enough to keep them or make copies of them.
Davlatmand (Daulatmand) Kholov is a well known and in Tajikistan very popular artist, who created a new national, so called "classical" music, based on the music of Badakhshan. His goal was to replace the real classical music which is the Shashmaqam and the Maqam of the Ferghana Valley and which are in Tajikistan the same as the ones performed in Uzbekistan, the only difference being that in Tajikistan the poems are in Tajik (Persian). But Davlatmands music is still folk music and can't compare with the real classical Maqam music in its refinement and greatness. See our future posts.  
There are three CDs released by Davlatmand, one by the French label Inedit, another, more recent one by the Russian label Long Arms Records and a double CD on the Iranian label Barbat, performing together with some Iranian musicians.
For more information on the artist, see the booklet to the CD published in France.

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