Monday, 2 July 2018

Daryoush Tala'i - Le Tar - Tradition classique de l'Iran - LP released in France in 1980

After the wonderful LP by Dariush Tala'i on Ocora now the one on Harmonia Mundi released one year later. Here his name is transcibed as Daryoush Tala'i. With accompanyment by the great Zarb (Tonbak or Tombak) master Djamchid Chemirani. Again an absolutely fantastic recording of authentic Iranian classical music by a great artist. Wonderful.

Unfortunately there was something wrong with the beginning of side 1. We now corrected this. Sorry for the inconveniance.



MusicRepublic said...

Thank you very much for all your wonderful Iranian music shares. Last summer I attentively listened to your epic 28 cassettes Mirror & Song regional Iranian music posts (I particularly liked the music from Baluchistan). All this to tell you that its all very much appreciated! I also wanted to ask you if you ever came across good traditional music LPs published for the Iranian market?

BT said...

Thank-you so much

Tawfiq said...

The Baluchistan recordings are also my favourites and the ones from Khorasan. The LPs which were published in Iran during the Shah regime were practically all by the so-called radio musicians, which played a lighter version of classical Iranian music with less depth, more for entertainment. Some are still quite nice, but can't compare with the ones posted here.

Tawfiq said...

One more thing: as the Iranian LPs are most times very expensive they are really not worth it. Only prehaps to older Iranians who have fond memories from their young days connected with these recordings. I looked often at the offers on Discogs and elswhere but always decided in the end that it is too much money for nice but not really great music.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.