Thursday, 4 April 2013

Masters of Vichitra Veena - Part I - Gopal Krishan (1926-?) - Some AIR recordings

In the past we had already posted a couple of recordings by some masters of the Vichitra Veena, an extremely rare instrument of classical North Indian music. First we had posted a cassette by Lal Mani Mishra (1924-1979) (see here). Then we had a beautiful LP from Pakistan by Habib Ali Khan Beenkar (1898-1971), the younger brother of Abdul Aziz Khan Beenkar, the inventor or re-inventor of the Vichitra Veena (see here), and finally we had another beautiful Vichitra Veena LP, again from Pakistan, by the legendary Sitar player Mohammed Sharif Khan Poonchhwala (1923-1980) (see here) who learned to play the Vichitra Veena also from Abdul Aziz Khan. 
As there are only very few recordings of Vichtra Veena masters available and it is such a beautiful instrument we will post here some concert recordings and radio programs by two great masters of the instrument from India. We start here with Gopal Krishan (1926-?). The recordings are from All India Radio.

Recordings courtesy of VN,  CD compilation and covers by KF.
Many thanks to both. 


DrKashyap said...

Many thanks for this rare upload !!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed very much the Patdip (or Patdeep) with Gladwyn Charles on tabla, Thank You! (I usually see his name spelled as "Gladwin"--either way that is my favorite name of all-time for a tabla player!! ;) --dandor

Mutha Klanger said...

nice one VN, KF and Mr. T. like that cover and glad to see some Gladwyn. thanks all :-)

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Aadil Moosa said...

Salaam Tawfiq Bhai, i have been enjoying your blog rather immensly and you have shared with some great gems. Jazakallah
On you Blog around the 2012 -2013 years, some of the links with A-Drive links are not working, it says the files are no longer available, Hoping you can assist.

Tawfiq said...

They are all working at the moment. I don't know why A-Drive sets them - without me doing anything - to private.

Aadil Moosa said...

Thanks Tawfiq Bhai

I have tried again and still get the message, almost all the 2013 and 2014 (Jan - Jul) are unavailable on Adrive.

I appreciate all your efforts, sorry for the trouble :)

Tawfiq said...

Now I understand the problem. See my last post. For this post I put in now the new links. Thank you very much for making me aware of the problem.