Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Ram Marathe (1924-1989) - The Traditionalist - Rhythm House 240341 (1985) - Cassette from India


Mutha Klanger said...

nice to see some Rhythm House :-) so much good stuff they put out 80s-90s
(are they still active?) but such dreadful tape mastering! anyone have,
for example, decent copies of the two they put out by Pandit Kashinath Bodas?

anyways, thanks for this one. looking forward to having a listen.

Tawfiq said...

Most of the Rhythm House cassettes seam to have quite good sound quality, but not all: the 2 by Kashninath Bodas are unfortunately of the second category. I had the chance to copy two different copies of both volumes, but all had the same bad sound.
In the future I will post some more Rhythm House cassettes, but only the once which have quite good sound quality.
They still exist and republished a couple of their cassettes on CD. But they didn't record anything new for a long time.

Mutha Klanger said...

Hiya Tawfiq. much enjoyed the Pandit Ram Marathe. it is indeed of the First Category :-)

Anand said...

Listening to Pandit Ram Marathe was a great pleasure. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Many Thanks. Ram Marathe classical is very rare to find. One can get his stage songs from HMV.-Vinayak Vaidya.