Friday, 9 September 2011

Abdul Halim Jaffar Khan - Sitar - LP ECLP 2351 (1967) - The Gramophone Company of India

Abdul Halim Jaffar Khan - Sitar
Sadashiv Pawar - Tabla

Side 1:
1. Raga Champakali (12:03)
2. Raga Chhaya-Nat (7:10)

Side 2:
Raga Mishra Piloo (18:48)


Neuf said...

Halfway through his Mishra Piloo, he is absolutely flying around his lower strings (I think the techniques are "sparsh" and "krintan"). Stunning playing!

Anonymous said...

the chhayanat is an absolute monster, too!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Thank you!