Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Chandrashekhar Naringrekar - Surbahar - Swarashree-CBS cassette (1989)

Side A:
Raga Malkauns (28:51)
Side B:
Raga Marwa (28:44)

Pakhawaj: Arjun Shejwal


bolingo69 said...
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bolingo69 said...

Just met by the news of Asad Ali Khans passing today, also remembering sitting on Chandus dying bed only six years back...

I was so happy Tawfiq, to find this K7 here, of my good friend and patient teacher, Chandu, also ZMD's brother in law. It is bringing back many fond memories from Stockholm, Chembur, Bombay and Peking.

I will post some concert recordings with him later on Anthems..

The wonderful music and the good memories will always remain!

Thank you very much Tawfiq!

arvind said...

Thank you very much, Tawfiq!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks – a rare treat!

This is the oldest recording we have seen of surbahar with pakhawaj accompaniment, predating Ashok Pathak’s 1993 Colourful World CD by quite a few years.

Is it the first ever?